• Gostišče in penzion Stari vrh
  • Gostišče in penzion Stari vrh


We are giving cottage stres on in-country kitchen. All are preparing instalments in bread stove and cooker on firewood, which is giving dishes peculiar, in-country flavour.

  • Soups: You will be able to eat your fill with beef, mushroom and roe soup,
  • Stews: goulash --> roe, wild boar, beef, deer Specific Slovenian --> white bean dens soup with in-country sausage (pasulj), barley soup with dry meat (ričet), sour cabbage soup with white beans (jota), tripe (vampi) Tržič prime ribs, Others ---> chilli bean dense soup, paprikash, various stews...
  • Supplements: cheese pie, bread dumplings, roasted polenta, hard boiled buckwheat (ajdovi žganci), gnocchi, buckwheat carp, roasted and baked potato...
  • Dishes from bread stove: roast meat, piglet, prebranac (white Macedonian beans with ground red pepper burned in stove), pizzas, bread, he-goat, lamb
  • Dishes by order: medallion --> of roe, of deer, of chammies, of deer medallion with mushrooms or in a hunting sause, of foal
    steaks, bratwursts, mushrooms on different manners.
  • Salads: Variegated is selection of seasonal salads.
  • Desserts: Prepare domestically desert, Ocvirks Slovenian cake, Prekmurje layer cake (Prekmurska gibanica),apple and cheese pie, buckwheat štrukelj (pie) with nuts.
  • Variously: In winter season prepare also hamburgers and hot dogs ans various sandwiches.

We are inviting you against Sundays and holidays on Sunday launches. We take care of every flavour round preliminary agreement. We offer you also cold meat, in-country sausage, minced lard...